The Gospel of John – An Introduction

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It’s no secret that I am a fanboy of the Gospel of John. John is an enigma, a contradiction that shouldn’t make sense but does. On one level, John is tangible and simple. A reader, untrained and unfamiliar with the Scriptures, can read John and find him understandable and profound. On another level, John is a tease and a riddler. He slides you subtle clues that easily go unnoticed but – when they are – drive you mad as you search for John’s meaning. The Gospel of John is a love affair; …

Tower of Babel and Confusion of Tongues

Tower of Babel and Unbabel

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The Tower of Babel is an epic story of the global separation of people and it is contained in only nine verses of the biblical text. I have been chewing on it for several months since I last taught on it at my youth ministry, specifically on the implications of technological development across languages. I will be leaning on the work of Rabbi Fohrman, who discusses the technological aspects of the story, and on my friend Marty Solomon, who also borrows from Fohrman to elaborate more on the movement and organization of sin from Genesis 3 to …