Strangers in the Kingdom of God

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The world is broken. We are at war and war is the problem. People want to know if you are for them or against them. You also want to know if someone is for or against you. We continually evaluate each other (especially those we do not know) to conclude what side they are on. This is one of many the things wrong with our world. There are so many battle lines that our society is a dissected dysfunctional mess. Our fingers are always pointed out while our hearts are …

Judas and Jesus: the betrayal

Judas & Jesus: Love Your Enemy

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Several years ago, there was a woman with a skilled habit of spreading false rumors about yours truly. Surprisingly, she was not my favorite person. One fine Sunday morning, she was standing about 4 rows in front of my wife and I getting her worship on as the entire congregation was singing. This woman raised her arms perpendicular to the floor while her palms were parallel and was swaying her hips to and fro. I can vividly recall glaring at her and contemplating how great of a hypocrite she was. I mean, here she …