What’s Up Right Now?

A Now Page is a place to describe where you are at and what you are focused during the season you find yourself in.

So, currently, I’ve dove into this whole blogging thing. I’ve been putting it off for awhile. My reasons were many but mainly because I didn’t feel confident enough to do it. It is also felt presumptuous of me to put my stuff out there for people to read. Obviously, I overcome that, kind of, by getting the blog up and rolling. I am currently working on what it means for me to blog, what I want to do with it, and, as many experienced bloggers have gone through, I am trying to find my “voice.” Similarly, I am also wrestling if I potentially want to get some type of financial reimbursement through this site and, if so, what that would look like.

As such with all of that, I’ve been doing a lot of research online and with podcasts into all things related to the above. One thing I am already finding is that I am learning more about myself and my own insecurities by researching income strategies, “how to get your blog going,” and things such as these. Which is kind of surprising me. So, even if the blog is a complete flop, I’ve already grown in the past month simply because of the research into blogging. Also, through writing, I’ve been finding I’ve been having an easier time “linearizing” my trains of thought and communicating what it is I am processing. I have many starter posts and ideas in my drafts that I am working on. As of yet, I have no clear direction about what I want to blog about and I am okay with that in the moment.

The Epic of Eden: A Christian Entry into the Old Testament

The Epic of Eden: Buy on Amazon

Also, I am kind of in between book genres. I tend to focus on one subject at a time and right now I am not sure what I want to read next. Luckily, many of the podcasts I have been listening have had some great suggestions. I will be reading The Epic of Eden, which you can purchase on Amazon here. I plan on doing a review…or creating a book notes page later for it.

I am also currently trying to get a podcast off the ground with he same name of this site: The Valid Ambiguity Podcast. As of yet, it is not listed anywhere. I’ve been attempting to build up a few episodes before I publicly launch. Right now, it seems like it is going to be a mixture of individual recording where I focus more on Christian and biblical specifics and then some group open discussions with people from multiple backgrounds. I have one episode with a friend of mine who is an atheist philosopher and I am hoping to get another done in the next couple of weeks.

As of now, that is what I’m up to.