What’s Up Right Now?

A Now Page is a place to describe where you are at and what you are focused during the season you find yourself in.

Updated: September 19, 2017

About a month ago, my family and I moved to Missoula, MT with the intent of planting a church. Our last church, Real Life, sent us for this. We are just in the early stages of support raising and will be meeting with key Missoula individuals soon to get a better grasp on the nature and needs of the area so we can create a church that best serves our community. We will also soon be gathering a core group of people that will act as the catalyst for our church plant. The current plan is to have our launch in the Fall of 2018. Obviously, much work needs to be done between now and then.

I still need to read Launch I seem to have lost my copy) and It’s Personal. I am getting back into blogging and hoping to start work on a book about the Samaritan woman.

Much of personal study has remained the same. I’ve been enjoying the podcasts of Reconstruct, Depolarize, Mere Fidelity, Theopolis, The Art of Manliness, 5 Minutes in Church History, and Newsworthy with Norsworthy. There are some others but these are the main courses of my podcast diet. About 6 months ago I “read” the audio book version of Leadership and Self Deception. The book was so impactful I have successfully encouraged several others to listen to it as well. I have since read the two follow up books: The Anatomy of Peace and The Outward Mindset.Great books for more than just leadership – marriage, parenting, friendships, etc. In the dock for reading includes The Lost World of Genesis One. Other books I hope to get to quickly include Tools of Titans. I’m currently in a season, however, that will not afford me much studying.

As of now, that is what I’m up to.

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