Valid Ambiguity Podcast

Valid Ambiguity PodcastThe VA Podcast is a branch from the blog that wants to serve two purposes. The first is to provide simple but deep explanations of theological ideas and concepts. The second is to provide a live and honest discussion about a variety of matters with real people from vastly different view points. So if eavesdropping in on some off-the-cuff and honest discussion with non-experts about a variety of theological, philosophical, sociological, and scientific topics or getting a basic but usable explanation of some theological concepts is something that would float your boat, then subscribe to the Valid Ambiguity Podcast.





The Valid Ambiguity Youtube Channel is something that is in the works. Currently, I am trying to finalize what I want the exact content to be and how I am going to make it. STAY TUNED!

Church Media

I occasionally create graphics and media for my ministry. Sometimes I do it just for fun. The stuff I feel is decent enough, I list for sale.

Countdowns & Motion




If you haven’t suffered enough from my writing then you can watch me. Head over to the Sermons page.