Strangers in the Kingdom of God

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The world is broken. We are at war and war is the problem. People want to know if you are for them or against them. You also want to know if someone is for or against you. We continually evaluate each other (especially those we do not know) to conclude what side they are on. This is one of many the things wrong with our world. There are so many battle lines that our society is a dissected dysfunctional mess. Our fingers are always pointed out while our hearts are …

Social Media, Political Division and Golden Calves

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I, as you, have seen many a friend disengage from social media due to its hostile political climate. Unfortunately, the climate seems persistent on its global warming. Even if one were to free themselves from the social media mire, the bitterness has contaminated the drinking water: radio, tv, newspapers, entertainment, social gatherings, and the like. The canyon dividing this nation is grand and demands all of its people’s capitulation. Society assumes you to be on one side or the other – no matter which it is, you’re on the wrong side according to the other half. …

Gay Wedding Cake

Christians, Please Bake The Cake

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The gay wedding cake debate is old news, except that it is not (it’s in the news again here). I anticipate that similar stories will continue to crop up and, indeed, they already have in the likes of gay wedding flowers. I had resisted in the past to share my views on this due to the heated nature of the topic and the cacophony of voices swirling around it. However, it’s back again and, to be frank, it is aggravating that this stand-off is still occurring. Christians, please bake the cake. Jesus said, “if …

2016 Election Advice

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During this heated and divisive election season, I thought it would be beneficial to offer some advice when it comes to November 8th, which is now a week away. These are things that are actually important for all of us to remember. 1 – Take a deep breath. Believe it or not, this is not the worse thing to ever have happened. America, as well as humanity, has faced worse times than this. So, take a deep breath, count to ten, and chill out. 2 – Don’t vilify the other side. …

Tower of Babel and Confusion of Tongues

Tower of Babel and Unbabel

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The Tower of Babel is an epic story of the global separation of people and it is contained in only nine verses of the biblical text. I have been chewing on it for several months since I last taught on it at my youth ministry, specifically on the implications of technological development across languages. I will be leaning on the work of Rabbi Fohrman, who discusses the technological aspects of the story, and on my friend Marty Solomon, who also borrows from Fohrman to elaborate more on the movement and organization of sin from Genesis 3 to …

True Glory Lifts Up

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This tangenetic thread of thought was inspired by a quote I heard from Ravi Zacharias in one of his podcast episodes. I do not recall which one but you can find his podcasts linked on his website, The quote is by F.W. Boreham in his essay titled “The Poppies And The Corn,” discussing their mutual glory; There is a very lovable thing about poppies in the corn that I can never sufficiently admire. The poppies never belittle the corn, they glorify it. You’d think not the less but the more …