Paule Patterson


I am a church planter in Missoula, MT. My wife and I just began this work in August of 2017. The church I use to be the High School Student Coach (Real Life on the Palouse) sent us to Missoula to plant a church. I grew up in south east Idaho, earned my BA at Boise Bible College and took classes in Philosophy, Physics, and Religion at Boise State University. I’ve worked in the graphic design industry both as a free lancer and in a sign shop, I’ve managed a restaurant and have been server for several years, but most of my experience is in vocational ministry as a youth pastor. I have three beautiful children and have been married to my best friend for over 10 years.

…this Blog

This blog was birthed by the conception of two concepts. The first is that I have always enjoyed writing. May not be the best at it, but it has always benefited me. I tend to think rather abstractly and from multiple angles, which can leave me confused in the intersection of my ideas and processes. Writing forces me to construct a tangible and linear flow for my discombobulated mind. The second is that people have been telling me for several months that I should blog, not the least of which was my wife. So, after putting it off for equally as long as people have been suggesting it, I finally started a blog.

The name, Valid Ambiguity, comes from the idea that there exists gray areas only because there is a black and white. Similar, because there is a black and white, we should expect to find grays. While I completely believe in objective truth, I also believe that the world and Truth as a whole is so encompassing and nuanced that we often find truth not in the easily packaged factoids, but rather in the tension between two concepts. There are ambiguities and they are valid.

This blog is primarily meant to be nothing more than an outlet for my mental processes. If I happen to benefit others with it, then I would consider that to be icing on the cake. If you are interested in becoming a patron by regularly supporting me, you can go to my Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/dredzs.