The Gospel of John – An Introduction

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It’s no secret that I am a fanboy of the Gospel of John. John is an enigma, a contradiction that shouldn’t make sense but does. On one level, John is tangible and simple. A reader, untrained and unfamiliar with the Scriptures, can read John and find him understandable and profound. On another level, John is a tease and a riddler. He slides you subtle clues that easily go unnoticed but – when they are – drive you mad as you search for John’s meaning. The Gospel of John is a love affair; …

Splitting the Sea

Fearing Church Planting

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I have done the youth ministry thing for over ten years. It was fun and it became comfortable. Students are teachable, moldable, and open. The teenage drama, while a real thing, is simple and straight forward. Adults, however, have mastered the art of backstabbing while they smile at you. Adults are stubborn, frustrating, and set in their ways. So planting a church is perhaps the worst idea ever. And, to be honest, what scares me the most is me and not adults. I have grown comfortable with being in the …