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Epistle to the Hebrews – Infographic

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My church recently preached through Hebrews and I made a infographic thingy for our sermon series. And I thought I would make my info thingy available as a free download (link below to a 8000 pixel wide graphic). You also may listen to our Hebrews series, of which I preached a couple of weeks, here. While I hope this would be relatively explanatory, I assume that you would need to trace the lines, look up the verses (in their context), and maybe even listen to our sermons to understand and appreciate the graphic. At a minimum, you should have a basic understanding of what an inclusio is. This graphic is BY NO MEANS exhaustive. There was so much I could not fit in. Even so, I have been impressed yet again by the literary nuances, structure, and complexity of Hebrews through this design project

The graphic has a high enough resolution for one to zoom in and print at full 300 dpi at over 26 inches wide. Feel free to download, distribute, and use as is. If you have questions, please comment below!

Hebrews Structure Infographic (8000 x 4500 pixels)

Hebrews Structure Infographic Bible