I Blog Therefore I am

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I swood-coffee-iphone-notebookuppose this should have been my first. The actual first post was a concept fresh on my mind and I had been putting off writing for so long that I had to start with that. Perhaps, it would have been better if I allowed it to stew in the pot for a touch longer.

This post is to set what I expect to accomplish through my plunge into the endless abyss that is the blogosphere. It seems everyone and their dog have blogs these days and the world may be better for it. While the proliferation of the internet mob brews discontentment and skepticism, it also creates a nexus of dialogue and self-expression. It provides both an avenue for self-reflection of the writer and a window into the inner cogs of another for the reader. Beyond that, there exists a plethora of valid utilities for which a blog may serve in: academics, research, philosophy, theology, news, community organizing, reviews, etc.

So, on to the subject of the grounds for this blog: introspectively, the prospective of having an audience slightly terrifies me. I’m not exactly keen on the idea of having every word and premise scrutinized, not to mention my own inner thoughts and “issues.” My goal is not to have a blog following. In my own insecure opinion, you should not read this blog. However, that derives from a position of insecurity. There is a sliver of my subconscious that wouldn’t mind my words and amphoric postulations being of service to others. A couple of co-workers of mine, who also blog and have a decent following, “share” their posts on social media and I never judge them as being presumptuous. My wife and a few friends have off-handedly suggested that I should pick up writing. While I rather do enjoy it, something deep in my gut clinches at the concept of others reading my work. Perhaps, this will be something I shall overcome.

The real reason I wish to blog is simply to write. Those who know me know that I think on multiple levels in different directions. I tend to process information by disagreeing with it first…even when I agree with. In a world of black and white, I find the gray and in the world of gray, I find the black and white. My mind likes to juggle multiple flaming batons at the same time. Writing, then, forces me to streamline all of my flaming ambiguities into a linear progression of some kind. The ethereal equivocation incarnates as a real thing, which can be perceived and misunderstood. This blog is purely selfish…at least, right now. It is an output for the multi-core processor that is my brain. As Descartes stated, our thinking is proof of our existence, and, so, blogging is proof of my thinking.